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Thread Lift Training Masterclass

Having been recently reintroduced into medical aesthetics, thread lifts have rapidly become a popular minimally invasive alternative to surgical facelifts. With improved technology giving way to impeccably subtle results, the advantage of avoiding surgery and the benefit of a shorter recovery time have catapulted thread lifting procedures back into the spotlight. In addition, the use of threads have expanded to include off-face treatments.

The session will include a lecture series followed by an observational learning environment with trainers demonstrating various types of threads and techniques on live patients on the face, neck and decolletage. Gain experience with choosing appropriate patients and setting realistic expectations, a better understanding of treatment potential and risks as well as practical techniques and tips to implement immediately. 

Threads for the Face – Lecture
Threads for the Face Observational Training

Facial Injections Masterclass

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of the latest neurotoxin and dermal filler products? This session explores all the trending injection techniques via lectures and observational training, providing you with practical skills for wrinkle reduction, facial shaping, volumization, and rejuvenation. This session begins with a lecture series from the most distinguished injectors in medical aesthetics. Then attendees will observe faculty treating live patients in an intimate observational learning environment. Expect to leave with new diagnostic skills, an eye for what makes a face more attractive, along with practical tips and pearls to improve your injection skills and injectables practice immediately. 

*Attention: all registered participants in Facial Injectables will need to show proof of completing the Foundations of Advanced Injectables course (previously Injectables 101) or equivalent, and sign an affidavit verifying at least two years of daily practical experience with injecting facial injectables in an aesthetic practice setting.