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📝 Abstract Submission Deadline: Dec 15, 2023


Thread Lift Training Masterclass

A lecture series followed by observational and interactive training demonstrating various types of threads and techniques on live patients.

Regenerative Aesthetics Symposium

Take a deep dive into regenerative therapies, and the range of currently available modalities being incorporated into treatment protocols.

Advanced Facial Injections Masterclass

Explore trending injection techniques for wrinkle reduction, facial shaping, volumization, and rejuvenation in this two-part session.

Foundations of
Advanced Injections

Featuring live training on the fundamentals of advanced medical aesthetic injections, this CME-accredited course will help you hone your injection skills and improve patient outcomes.

Thread Lift Training Masterclass

Thursday, July 6, 2023 \ 8:00 AM - 12:45 PM                     

4.75 CME credits available 

Additional fee to attend: $895 

Invited Thread Lift Trainers: Dina BenDavid, DNP; Aline Braga; Richard Goldfarb, MD; Richard Jin, MD; Kian Karimi, MD; JD McCoy, NMD; Kati Midgley, PA; Bianca Paraison, RN; Kearney Pickett, NP; Francine Young, RN  

Thread lifts have rapidly become a popular minimally invasive alternative to surgical facelifts. With improved technology giving way to impeccably subtle results, the advantage of avoiding surgery and the benefit of a shorter recovery time have catapulted thread lifting procedures back into the spotlight. In addition, the use of threads has expanded to include off-face treatments. The session will include a lecture series followed by an observational and interactive learning environment with trainers demonstrating various types of threads and techniques on live patients on the face, neck and decolletage. Gain experience with choosing appropriate patients and setting realistic expectations, a better understanding of treatment potential and risks as well as practical techniques and tips to implement immediately.  

Part 1: Threads for the Face - Lectures  
Part 2: Threads for the Face Observational Training  

  • Learn the latest advancements and innovations in threads to achieve optimal nonsurgical outcomes for your patients.
  • Discuss increasing indications for threads on the market or in the pipeline. 
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and complications and successfully manage those that occur. 

Regenerative Aesthetics Symposium

Thursday, July 6, 2023 \ 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM 
7 CME CME credits available
Additional fee to attend: $895

Course Co-Directors: Francisco Llano, MD; Jennifer Pearlman, MD

Invited faculty: Alan Bauman, MD; Greg Chernoff, MD; Diane Duncan, MD; Derrik DeSilva, MD; Rahi Sarbaziha, MD; Saranya Wyles, MD

Regenerative medicine may still be a sci-fi, abstract concept for many, but there is a never-ending interest from consumers for treatments that use the body’s own potential to repair, restore and rejuvenate damaged or aging tissues to a more healthy and youthful state. Having researched, studied, trialed and tried, the leading experts in this session have immersed themselves in this field, and are ready to share their unique perspectives, insights and wealth of practical knowledge to help you incorporate regenerative therapies into your range of treatment offerings. This symposium will take a deep dive into the role of regenerative therapies within aesthetic and anti-aging medicine today, as well as into the future. Hear how the range of currently available modalities are being incorporated into all types of treatment protocols to improve methods and outcomes, as well as patient safety and satisfaction. Faculty will discuss current guidelines, regulatory obstacles, what the science and research shows, and what the future looks like for regenerative aesthetics. 

The regenerative market is booming, and the variety of available products and treatments that initiate our bodies to regenerate and renew is increasing, providing practitioners with many choices. Treatments to be discussed and demonstrated include:

  • Biostimulators & Bioactives
    • Dermal fillers
    • Adipose allograft materials
    • Thread lift procedures
    • Microneedling
  • Autologous therapies
    • Stem cell therapy
    • PRP, PRF and PRFM
    • Microfat / nanofat
  • Exosomes
  • Growth Factors


  • Understand available treatment offerings and current regulatory approvals or challenges. 
  • Gain practical treatment protocol tips and strategies. 
  • Review the latest advances, clinical research and scientific support of these therapies. 
  • Learn more about how regenerative therapies are transforming or enhancing aesthetic medicine treatments. 
  • View real-time treatment demonstrations in the live treatment forum.
  • Discuss treatment protocols, ask questions, share experiences and receive practical insights and advice during the live treatment forum from faculty demonstrators. 

Advanced Facial Injections Training Masterclass

Saturday, July 8, 2023 \ 8:00 AM – 12:15 PM
3.75 CME credits available
Additional fee to attend: $895 

Invited Injection Trainers: Gregory Chernoff, MD; Suneel Chilukuri, MD; Kyle Farr, DNP; Michael Gold, MD; Garry R. Lee, MD; Trevor Larsen, RN; Alexa Nicholls Costa, NP; Christine Petti, MD; Kearney Pickett, NP; Celia Remy, MD; Alexandra Rogers, NP; Heather Rohrer, PA-C; Rand Rusher, RN; Edward Zimmerman, MD 

Mastering injectable treatments means having an up-to-date and comprehensive understanding of the latest neurotoxin and dermal filler products, high-level injection skills and advanced techniques. This two-part session will take attendees to the next level of injectable practice. A faculty of well-known experts will explore trending injection techniques via lectures and interactive observational training, providing practical skills for wrinkle reduction, facial shaping, volumization and rejuvenation. This session begins with a lecture series by prominent injectors, followed by watching these faculty treating live patients in an up-close and intimate observational learning environment. Expect to leave with new diagnostic skills, an eye for what makes a face more attractive and practical tips to improve your injection skills and injectables practice immediately.   

Educational Objectives:

  • Discover the latest neurotoxin and dermal filler products and what they do. 
  • Observe live injections by some of the highest volume injectors in U.S. medical aesthetics today. 
  • Learn trending injection techniques, practice tips and skills that will improve outcomes. 
  • Learn how to diagnose patients’ needs.
  • Gain techniques and knowledge to avoid complications.    

Part 1: Facial Injectables & Injection Techniques Lectures  
Part 2: Facial Injections Observational Training  

*Attention: all registered participants in the Advanced Facial Injectables Training Masterclass will need to show proof of completing the Foundations of Advanced Injections course (previously Foundations of Facial Injectables or Injectables 101), or equivalent, and sign an affidavit verifying at least 2 years of daily practical experience with injecting facial injectables in an aesthetic practice setting.