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Generational Insights

Kim Lear's interest has always been understanding the social trends shaping the future. Her undergrad research was on Baby Boomers redefinition of aging, and her post-grad work was on Millennials and social media trends. Her two most recent studies are focused on the rapidly changing world of work. The Pandemic Time Capsule, a 200-interview project, provides insight into how quarantine, work-from-home, and the "new normal" reshaped the world and our expectations.

In this illuminating Keynote Address, Ms. Lear will discuss the generational differences and trends shaping our current social fabric with specific insights related to aging and aesthetic medicine, engaging consumers of all ages, and navigating the modern workforce.   

About the Speaker

Kim Lear

Kim Lear is a writer, researcher, and founder of Inlay Insights. She is known for skillfully weaving eye-opening statistics, insightful stories, and relevant case studies to make presentations come alive. Before founding Inlay, Kim was the content director at BridgeWorks, a research firm dedicated to generational and millennial trends.