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11:30 am - 12:25 pm

Are Your Financials as Pretty as You?    •   CliftonLarsonAllen

Let’s analyze the financial health of a practice! You’ll learn how to incorporate benchmark data, measure key performance indicators, and get your team excited about financial targets. 

Presenter: Emily Brems, Mike White

Hollywood Spectra: Treat Everyone Like a Celebrity   •   Lutronic 

Join Dr. Gideon Kwok as he shares his extensive experience with the Hollywood Spectra™ laser by Lutronic. This powerful, unique, short-pulse device is the only brand that can deliver the patented celebrity treatment that’s sweeping social media: The Hollywood Laser Peel™! You’ll also learn about Hollywood Spectra’s quick, effective treatments for melasma, tattoo removal, skin revitalization, and sun damage/pigment reduction in all skin types.

Marketing to Millennials Master Course   •   PatientNow

Millennials represent the most valuable, untapped consumer market in medical aesthetics, as well as the only generation expected to gain aesthetic market share through 2025. Join Audrey Neff in this exclusive educational course where attendees will learn the industry's most effective strategies for connecting, converting and building lifetime trust with the modern Millennial patient, to further fuel the growth and sustainability of your aesthetic practice in 2023 and beyond.

*This course is supported by peer-reviewed research. 

Masterclass: How to Sell More Memberships   •   RepeatMD

Did you know that 7 out of 10 of your patients want ongoing memberships for aesthetic treatments?

The problem is selling and managing memberships in your practice is not easy. The CEO of RepeatMD, Phil Sitter, will show the most profitable membership models and how they apply to your practice.

Prejuvenation for Millennials with PDO Threads   •   MINT

Prejuvenation is a term used to describe millennial patients who begin noninvasive aesthetic treatments earlier in life to prevent the signs of aging. Millennials are the largest consumer generation group in the United States, and it is essential for aesthetic providers to find the best strategy for targeting and retaining patients in this demographic. Gain insights on how to pair your minimally invasive procedures with PDO threads to achieve the most enhanced results for your millennial patients. In this session, Jennifer Levine, MD will share her knowledge on patient assessment, vector planning, and PDO combination techniques for the top 3 prejuvenation treatments in her practice.

Reconstruction of the Dermal Epidermal Junction with TargetCool and Exosomes   •   CoolHealth   •   Live Demonstration

The dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) is a critical interface between the epidermis and dermis, playing a pivotal role in maintaining skin integrity and functionality. With aging, alterations in DEJ proteins, such as collagen, integrin, and laminin, contribute to the increased fragility of aged skin. Exosomes, small extracellular vesicles, have emerged as potential therapeutic agents due to their ability to synthesize collagen and elastic fibers.

This study aimed to investigate the effects of exosomes on the DEJ by comparing pre-and post-application of exosomes using TargetCool Boosting Mode after micro-needling. The study analyzed DEJ morphology using ultrasound.

Our findings reveal that applying exosomes using TargetCool Boosting Mode after microneedling enhances the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers at the DEJ, leading to improved epidermal-dermal adherence, mechanical support, and increased surface area. These results highlight the potential of exosomes as a promising strategy to counteract age-related changes in the DEJ and restore the integrity and functionality of aged skin. Further research may pave the way for innovative therapeutic approaches in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging interventions.

Presenter: Young Soeb Lee, MD, PhD


3:40 pm - 4:35 pm

The DNA of ROI: Decoding Profitability and the Roll of Devices in Your Practice’s Profitability   •   Aesthetic Management Partners   •   Live Demonstration

Melissa Gibbens, MSN, APRN and Entrepreneur and Owner of SkinScription, will provide an inside view on running a profitable practice. This course will focus on the costs associated with injectables vs devices and the difference in profitability. In addition, Ms. Gibbens will demonstrate easy and relightable procedures that are practice builders and can add to the ROI.

How to Add Personalized Nutrition into Your Practice   •   ChangeWell

In this "how to" session, Mark Tager, MD will guide you in how to add a valuable new revenue stream into your practice; one that also improves patient satisfaction and outcomes. To get the best results from aesthetic treatments, patients need the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time. In this session, we will explore the role of key nutrients for skin health, the types of assessments (genomics, microbiome, food sensitivity, and more), and the products that you can use to create a personalized nutrition plan for your patients.

U Masterclass: An Immersive Workshop on Low-Lying Lids   •   RVL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Join our expert faculty during The Aesthetic Show for U Masterclass, an interactive and immersive workshop all about low-lying lids or acquired ptosis

What is U Masterclass?

During this hands-on experience, you will learn:

• How low-lying lids impact your patients’ appearance

• How to efficiently incorporate a lid evaluation into a full facial assessment

• How to effectively assess your patients’ lids and take photos

• How to implement a new, first-in-class topical treatment for acquired ptosis into your practice


10:00 am – 10:55 am

Advancing Aesthetics with Spore-Based Probiotics   •   Microbiome Labs

Clinical studies have shown that microbial post-biotics in the gut are altered in different skin diseases and can have a measurable impact on skin outcomes. In particular, the production of short-chain fatty acids in the gut and modulation of those short-chain fatty acids in circulation can alter the presence of acne and inflammation in the skin. The first double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial utilizing a probiotic as monotherapy for treatment of facial and truncal non cystic acne will be discussed. Finally, we will explore how this clinical trial offers proof that modulations to the gut microbiota with a specific probiotic formulation can change post-biotic expression and ultimately have a measurable impact on the skin, specifically acne.

Learning objectives:

  • Discuss the differences between prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics
  • Explore the role of probiotics and postbiotics in modulating the gut-skin axis
  • Describe how gut derived post-biotics can impact immune-regulated skin disorders, especially acne
  • Examine the evidence for the role of a specific probiotic, SereneSkin, and a clinical trial targeting its impact on non- cystic acne on the face and trunk.

Presenter: Kiran Krishnan

How to Make Money While You Sleep with E-Commerce  •   RepeatMD

How much potential revenue have you lost with consultations that didn't convert? In this course, you'll learn how using e-commerce to sell your treatments & packages can increase your revenue by 30-120% overnight.

Presenters: Chris Chomenko; Phil Sitter

Next Generation Protection and Correction  •   CP Skin Health

Join the Colgate Palmolive Skin Health team as we launch our Next Generation Protection and Correction innovation for EltaMD and PCA Skin.

Presenters: Lia Arvanitidou, Ph.D.; Suneel Chilukuri, MD

Ultrasound to Minimize PDO Thread Complications   •   MINT

Learn the basics of ultrasound for safe PDO thread insertion practices. In this session, Yvonne Dellos, FNP-BC will focus on the foundational knowledge and anatomy for thread lifts and techniques to minimize complications by integrating ultrasound technology with PDO procedures. Gain insights on how to evaluate the vascularity of the face and strategically map out vector designs for maximizing the results you want to achieve with PDO threads.

Where Does EZGEL Fit in My Aesthetic Practice?   •   CosmoFrance   •   Live Demonstration

Live Demonstration of EZGEL – the 100% natural and regenerative volumizing gel. Learn from aesthetics experts Anil Rajani, MD and Shanna Concepcion RN, CANS about this groundbreaking solution to enhance satisfaction and results while bringing in new patients to your aesthetic practice. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore EZGEL's versatility and benefits.

3:40 pm – 4:35 pm

Build an Inclusive Practice with the ADVATx   •   Advalight   •   Live Demonstration

Breakthrough technology allows for year-round laser treatments of acne, melasma, rejuvenation and scars on virtually all skin types with no social downtime. Dr. Emer will share how the ADVATx is re-defining what we should expect from our energy-based devices. Catch the ADVAxperience with a live demonstration!

Presenters: Jason Emer, MD

Emerald Laser: New Paradigm in Fat Reduction and Obesity   •   Erchonia

The Emerald Laser is unlike any other non-invasive fat reduction system in the world.  It is the only device FDA cleared to treat patients from 20 - 40 BMI. Not to mention, the Emerald Laser has huge health benefits for patients as well.

Presenters: Roya Azadi, MD

Master Facial Rejuvenation: PDO Threads and ezGEL   •   CosmoFrance

Join renowned experts, Dr. Kian Karimi and Francine Young RN, MEP-C, as they unveil their exclusive breakthrough in aesthetics! Witness the superpower of their unique technique, combining PDO Threads and PRF, for next-level facial rejuvenation. Elevate your practice to new heights and unlock stunning results under the guidance of these industry leaders. Join us for this extraordinary opportunity to learn from the best and revolutionize your approach to aesthetics.

The Science of Cell Regeneration with REJURAN   •   REJURAN

Rejuran® is an aesthetic brand dedicated to regenerative science using the patented technology platform, DOT™. In this session we will present the background and clinical study of PN (Polynucleotides), PDRN(Polydeoxyribonucleotides), and DOT technology. The presentation will cover the scientific basis for study designs as well as early data. Rejuran products have been proven to have angiogenic, pro-wound healing, collagen enhancing, anti-melanogenic, and hair growth stimulating properties.

Presenters: Sung Kyun Cho, MD; Chang B. Son, MD; Chee Youb Won, PhD

SUPERB! Sofwave Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology   •   Sofwave

Driving revenue and results using the Latest ultrasound modality for lifting, wrinkle reduction and cellulite. 

Presenters: Edward Zimmerman, MD

Vivace Ultra: Redefining Personalized Aesthetics   •   Aesthetics Biomedical   •   Live Demonstration

Join Aesthetics Biomedical®, Inc. and leading industry experts to discover the full potential of personalized therapies for your practice. Learn how to achieve optimal patient outcomes, boost patient retention, and increase revenue by combining RF microneedling with other treatments for truly individualized treatment plans. During this workshop, you'll experience a live demonstration of Aesthetics Biomedical’s newest ultrasound-guided RF microneedling technology, Vivace Ultra™, and hear firsthand from providers who have successfully integrated this technology into their own practices and are combining it with other treatments to achieve better results for their patients. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and elevate your practice to new heights.

Presenters: Sheldon Larson; Kara McClanahan, CMPE; Gilbert Saenz, PA; Holly Tanella, LE


11:00 am – 11:50 am

Barb and Mono PDO Combination Techniques for the Face   •   MINT

PDO threads come in various lengths and designs, and they can be combined to help you customize vectors according to each patient’s unique anatomy. Gain insights on how to effectively pair MINT™ lifting threads with smooth mono threads to achieve the most enhanced results for your patients. In this session, Craig Grobman, DO, MINT KOL and trainer, will share his knowledge on patient selection, vector planning, and combination techniques for the top 3 demanded barb and mono procedures for the face.

Financial Fundamentals and KPI’s   •   CliftonLarsonAllen

In this session, Emily Brems and Mike White will discuss the financial fundamentals of building your practice at various stages, building a management structure, and integrating the evaluation of your key performance indicators with your financial outlook.  

The Truth About Patient Financing   •   RepeatMD

In this course, you’ll learn the secrets patient financing companies don’t want you to know.

Topics covered include:

  • What ‘soft credit checks’ really mean
  • How to get the best approval rates for your patients
  • What the #1 most important detail about fees is when selecting your patient financing company

Presenters: Christopher Chomenko, Phil Sitter