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The Aesthetic Multispecialty Society (AMS) was created to allow all medical aesthetic practitioners to gather for education and knowledge sharing, in order to improve techniques and practices in aesthetic medicine around the world. 

Dr. Haideh Hirmand and Dr. Suneel Chilukuri are co-chairs of the North American Scientific Committee. As leading experts in the field of aesthetic medicine, surgery and dermatology they have contributed to the education of thousands of doctors through university programs, seminars and conferences around the world. The Scientific Committee is organized into 4 focus areas (Aesthetic Dermatology, Surgical, Anatomy and Genital Health & Aesthetics) to ensure the full scope of medical aesthetics is addressed continuously through education, news, research and peer to peer engagement, and is supported through collaboration with the AMS Global Scientific Committee. 

The Global Aesthetic Multispecialty Society proudly serves a growing base of 10,000+ members worldwide, demonstrating the enormous value of establishing a multispecialty community to further the advancement and best practices in aesthetic medicine.

AMS partners with the leading international events in the sector, including Vegas Cosmetic Surgery, Miami Cosmetic Surgery, and The Aesthetic Show in the United States; AMWC Monaco, ICAD and FACE in Europe, and the AMWC and ICAD events in Latin America and Asia.

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